• Magnus’ Conversation
    Kesh'marra in the desert of Tanzadar. Magnus' memory stirred. How old was he in this memory? He couldn't remember. All he could recall was Kesh'marra. That's where he was going now. He could feel the mask burning through his pack, enticing him, as always, to wear it. Azzy, his friend for years, giggled. "I like … Read more
  • An Adventure Begins…
    The harsh snows of the cold north are unwelcoming at any time of year, but at winter they are particularly cruel.  Only the most desperate need could compel anyone to venture to these frost-bitten lands.  But travel you must, braving frost bite and harm to bring news to the town of Winterholm. Amongst the most … Read more
  • Adventurers and Artists is now a Podcast!
    We are changing format! Yes, you’ve read right, Adventurers and Artists is getting an upgrade and going online! While we loved the concerts we ran, every Sunday, for five Sundays in a row, this year we are doing things a little differently. We have access to an amazing recording space, and we will be putting … Read more
  • Goald’s Escape
    While Goald of Zahl, bard extraordinaire, preferred the night, he did not like the fact that he was currently running for his life. The agile Drow could easily navigate through the mist-heavy, cobbled streets of Krandebergh, but his current outfit made it hard to do so. He leapt over a low wall, where his fine … Read more
  • Momo’s Hunt
    Momo was hungry. The snowy gale blowing around her made her feel hungrier still. And even though she wanted nothing more than to return to her warm little hollow, with its cut of meats hanging from the ceiling and a cosy bed of furs just her size, she pressed on. The Frozen North, a land … Read more
  • Roskov’s Doom
    The night sky was a crimson hue today. The great Red Dragon had burst through the smog he had created and was roaring in fury as four great heroes clung to its back, desperate to end the cruel creature’s reign. Roskov, with his close connection to living creatures, could see that the dragon was close … Read more
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