Past Charities

Westgate Hall Trust

The Trust is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. Its vision for Westgate Hall and its role in Canterbury is defined by the charity’s Articles of Association and the terms of its 99-year lease to the building.

Its purpose is to preserve, maintain and manage Westgate Hall as a financially self-sustaining community and leisure centre for the benefit of the people of Canterbury and its districts.

The diverse group of local people who make up the Trust aims to maintain and enhance the quality of community life by working together with residents, users of the Hall, the local authorities, public, private and voluntary sector organisations to provide facilities supporting education, social welfare, recreation and leisure activities.

With community its anchor, the Trust is non political and does not discriminate.

Website –
Charity No: 1146677 (Registered in England & Wales) VAT No: 178 1558 75

The National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society are the UK’s leading autism charity. Since they began over 50 years ago, they have been pioneering new ways to support people and understand autism. They pride themselves on their ability to continue to learn every day from the children and adults they support in schools and care services.

With their experience, and their members, donors and volunteers, they provide life-changing information and advice to millions of autistic people, their families and friends. They also support professionals, politicians and the public to understand autism better so that more autistic people of all ages can be understood, supported and appreciated for who they are.

Website –
Charity No: 269425, (Scotland: SC039427)
VAT No: 653 3700 50

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