Dungeons & Dragons™ is a fantasy role-playing game by Wizards of the Coast that involves imagination, creativity, dice, improvisation, and story telling, which makes it perfect to combine with music.

Started by Jason Hodgson in 2017, the core concept of the project entails musicians, players, and the game master to create and immersive experience through play and improvisation.

From the 15th April – 13th May 2018 – 3 Musicians, 4 Players, and 1 Game Master took an audience on a fantastical quest. They explored, discovered, battled, and generally had an adventure throughout unknown territories. This version took the form of a 5-part concert series at Westgate Hall in Canterbury UK. Whilst it was relatively successful, the team decided to opt for a format that will bring this project to a wider audience.

There are many podcast series that combine music and DnD, but none thus far that combine them quite like this. Rather than having a score, or being created in post-production, the music is improvised on top of the game-play. Unfortunately, for the podcast episodes themselves it we do not have the facilities (yet) for live improvisation except for in any concerts, but we try to retain this element as closely as possible by allowing the musicians as much freedom as possible in their interactions with the game.

Much like the game itself, all the music you will hear is improvised live by our in-house ensemble, and remains as raw as possible.*

In addition, here at AnAPodcast we have opted to raise money for charities. Each charity is decided upon via a vote by the whole team before each new series. Previous charities include; The Westgate Hall Trust, and The National Autistic Society.

Finally, behind the scenes AnAPodcast has a large team who volunteer their time and energy  behind-the-scenes to help make this endeavour possible. We have departments ranging from Art, Social Media, Film, Music, and more, and we are always happy to hear from anyone who’d be interested in joining us. If you would like to get involved, or could help support this exciting project, please contact us at: adventurersandartists@gmail.com

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