An Adventure Begins…

The harsh snows of the cold north are unwelcoming at any time of year, but at winter they are particularly cruel.  Only the most desperate need could compel anyone to venture to these frost-bitten lands.  But travel you must, braving frost bite and harm to bring news to the town of Winterholm.

Amongst the most northerly of settlements, this distant town is home to a hardy and independent minded people.  But news has reached the south lands of a terrible illness that has assailed it.  The Sleeping Sickness is running rife amongst the townsfolk leaving all who are afflicted by it in a deep, dreamless sleep akin to hibernation.  Nothing can wake the sleepers; not noise, discomfort, pain or hunger.

Desperate for help, the town alchemist sent her apprentice Cobren to the town of Roseoak in search of a cure.  It was there in the Plucked Goose that you crossed paths with Cobren. Though they were successful in finding the recipe for a cure, the apprentice became the latest afflicted by the sleeping sickness. Too weakened to make the journey to Winterholme themselves, Cobren implored you to do so with their last waking breath.

Whether out of a sense of nobility or for the promise of a reward, you agreed to take the formula to Winterholme. Clad in a thick winter coat given to you by the generous townsfolk of Roseoak, you ventured forth – it was only a day or two before the greenery of the south began to vanish beneath the white snows of the North.

The journey is difficult, but you have faced worse in your adventures. Your progress is slowed by the poor conditions and the need to seek shelter from the elements, but you do not give up – well aware that the precious parchment carried in your pack may be the only thing that can save the people of Winterholme.

By the sixth day of your journey you know that the town is near, but you also realise you are not alone.  Carefully walking up the only good road left, your attention is drawn to shapes flittering through the snow at the edge of your vision.  Wolves it seems, and a particularly hardy breed made bold by the cold. It is obvious that the pack is stalking you, at least three beasts watching and waiting for you to tire before they pounce.

winter wolf
Winter Wolf

Running is not an option – it is too far to Winterholme.  The Wolves will catch you long before you make it.  You must take action – will you:

  1. Use your Animal Handling to show the pack you are one of them and get them onside.
  2. Call upon your sorcerous might to frighten the pack off. Or incinerate them in fire.  Really, you’re not too picky.
  3. Cry “EAT STEEL!” as you draw your weapon and charge headfirst at the nearest Wolf.

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