Winter Themed Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

winter wolf

As it’s winter, we’ve decided to give a list of our favourite winter themed monsters. These are what you can find in any multiverse Arctic environment and some even create the Arctic environment themselves.

For the Beginner Group – Levels 1-4

Ice Mephits (Easy-Medium depending on number)

What do you get if you cross a goblin with some ice? An Ice Mephit! These cruel little blighters aren’t too dangerous on their own, but get a pack of them and any group will find they have to prove their worth against these ice-cold foes.

Best Ability: The ice mephit bursts into ice-shards when it dies, ensuring that in its last moments, everyone around them suffers as much as possible.

Monster Manual Page 215

Winter Wolf (Hard)

Winter wolves are the dark, secret fear we all have of the hungry wolf at night. If one finds you in the snow and you are alone, you may as well whisper your final words in despair. Silent and deadly, Winter Wolves are rarely found alone. They work in packs or with masters more cruel and twisted than them. Beware speaking your plans of attack around these creatures, they can probably understand what you’re saying.

Best Ability: Cold Breath. With this, the wolf breathes out freezing air that knocks the wind out of all enemies it touches.

Monster Manual Page 340

For the Intermediate Group – Levels 5-9

Air Elemental (Easy)

Imagine a desert that is now suddenly covered in snow and has blistering, howling winds knocking down anything vertical for miles around. That could be the fault of a powerful air elemental (or a group of them). Elementals overall can be offer unique challenges because they have several damage resistances and many condition immunities. Even a CR (challenge rating) 5 Air Elemental can stump a band of adventurers. You can also have fun with them in that they can turn any area into a winter wonderland or wasteland, depending on your mood as GM.

Best Ability: Elementals can pass through any space as long as it’s 1 inch wide or bigger. This makes them very, very tricky to trap.

Monster Manual Page 134

White Dragons (Medium to Hard depending on age)

While white dragons aren’t the smartest of the chromatics, they are brutal fighters and should be treated with caution. The closer adventurers edge towards one, the colder and colder it becomes. White Dragons can be cowed if beaten by a powerful enough master, but such feats of strength are rare.

Best Ability: Ice Walk. White Dragons can move as easily on ice as any other surface, making chasing or running away from it in these conditions a monumental test of skill or luck.

Monster Manual Page 100-102

For the Experienced Group – Levels 10+

Storm Giant Quintessent (Medium)

A Quintessent is a giant that has dispersed itself and become an elemental force to be reckoned with. Having one that fits with the arctic theme is no stretch considering they are often linked with prominent geographical features such as a mountain peak.

Best Ability: Quintessents can form weapons out of the elements around them and hurl them at their foes.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters Page 150-151

Death Knight (Medium)

The great thing about Death Knights is that they don’t really die, even after you kill them. They only die if they have their personal failings redeemed. This makes them difficult to keep down for good. They are great monsters to put before players because of the story-rich potential as well as the difficulty to best in combat.

Best Ability: Spellcasting. Death Knights are 19th-level spellcasters. They can wreak havoc in a couple of rounds of combat with some very nasty spells.

Monster Manual Page 47

There are many, many more ice themed creatures you can use this winter to spice up your Arctic adventure. Let us know your favourites!

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